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industrial generation network


How a new digital platform is shaping the future of trade shows

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Day 30 Apr 2020  Download
Time 17:00 - 18:00 CEST
Type Webinar

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The COVID-19 crisis is prompting an acceleration of digitalisation in the world of work, pushing companies to adapt their team practices, business models and service delivery in order to survive.

That’s why CodeControl is launching Decoded, a series of virtual conversations with people behind the companies building future-proof models for a brave new world. Our goal is to share their insights, learnings and inspiration for the benefit of other European enterprises navigating this transition.

In our second virtual talk, we’ll discuss with ngn - new generation network and Vogel Communications Group about how they are helping to lead the trade show industry into the future with their new digital platform, industrial generation network.

Can an industry that relies on face-to-face communication survive in a time of physical distancing when large events are banned for an indefinite period? How will digital events advance the classic trade fairs in the future?

Joining us are Doris Beckmann, Managing Director at ngn – new generation network GmbH in Berlin and Matthias Brandstätter, Head of Digital Cooperations at Vogel Communications Group GmbH & Co.KG in Würzburg.

The webinar has already taken place but you can watch the recording below.

18 Professionals are joining

18 Professionals are joining



<a href=",a3110409">Doris Beckmann</a>

Doris Beckmann

Managing Director of ngn - new generation network GmbH
<a href=",a3110412">Matthias Brandstätter</a>

Matthias Brandstätter

Head of Digital Cooperations, Vogel Communications Group GmbH & Co.KG


industrial generation network

industrial generation network


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Building a net­work and keeping partners close is vital, both for business and personal growth. At indus­trial genera­tion net­work, our goal is to empower you to do exactly that.


This platform is here to help you find like-minded professio­nals around the globe, and arrange personal meetings. Stay on top of latest industry develop­ments through company news, product innova­tions and virtual events. Indus­trial Genera­tion Net­work is a work in progress platform. It is our philosophy to move fast and add new features frequently.

With our new monthly eventseries Industry Days we bring together excellent thought leaders, exchange experien­ces and give valuable inspi­ration for your busi­ness. From the indus­try – for the industry!

The next dates 2020:
  • 26-27 MAY - Future of Worl & Additive Manufacturing
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