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80 Coleman Street
United Kingdom


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Company profile

Pivigo is a data science marketplace and training provider based in London and Berlin. Pivigo accelerates innovation with data in organisations, by connecting them to a global community of freelance data scientists. Pivigo has delivered almost 250 projects to over 120 organisations in every industry and of every size, including PwC, AstraZeneca, Barclays, News UK, and M&S. Typical case studies include predictive maintenance, recommendation systems and customer segmentation, and price/route optimisation. Pivigo also runs Europe's largest data science training programme, Science to Data Science (S2DS), supporting the transitions of analytical PhD's and MSc's into data science roles.


S2DS - Where companies and data science come together

Science to Data Science (S2DS) is a five week bootcamp, providing AI and Machine Learning solutions to company's most ch…
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