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Nicole Kareta

Professional of SPOTLIGHTMETAL

Content & Marketing Manager - Digital Cooperation
Marketing, Editorial / Writing
Media & Agencies


Max-Planck-Straße 7/9
97082 Würzburg





Company Profile

The light metal foundry industry is facing many new challenges in the near future, ranging from changing requirements in the automobile industry with the rise of e-mobility, more complex casting processes and casting components to new production processes like additive manufacturing.

This development results in the non-ferrous-foundry industry getting more complex and creates a highly competitive market environment. In order to stay one step ahead it is necessary to know all about the latest and most important trends, chances and challenges for the foundry industry.

Therefore, NürnbergMesse and Vogel Communications Group created SPOTLIGHTMETAL, a modern and innovative online platform for the light metal foundry industry. SPOTLIGHTMETAL offers high-quality stories and premium content about the latest market, technology and industry trends in and around the light metal foundry and die casting sector. It offers a platform where decision makers from manufacturers, foundries and buyers come together.

Our mission is to give the industry orientation in an ever faster changing world and to present industry innovations in an innovative and modern way.

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