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Industry Days: The Next Generation of Wear Resistant Metals - Additive Manufacturing with High Carbide Content

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Day 26 May 2020  Download
Time 15:00 - 16:00 CEST
Type Webinar

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Recommendation of Industry Days: The Next Generation of Wear Resistant Metals - Additive Manufacturing with High Carbide Content

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Swedish company VBN Components AB has developed a range of steels and cemented carbide with much higher wear resistance than traditional metals, under the brand of Vibenite®. From a customer drawing VBN 3D prints cutting tools and other components subjected to high wear and high temperatures.
The presentation will be held by Chief Technical Officer Dr. Ulrik Beste.

What will participants learn from your webinar?
  • 3D printed industrial tools and components can be both harder, tougher and more wear resistant than traditional ones.
Why should you watch/participate?
  • To learn about new possibilities when it comes to improving performance, lifetime and geometry of industrial metal tools and components.
Who is the target group of this webinar?
  • Tool makers, product developers and anyone interested in cutting edge Metal Additive Manufacturing
Is advance registration required?
  • No

29 Professionals are joining

29 Professionals are joining

Watch here the recording of the session 26 May 2020 15:00 - 16:00 CEST

We hope you enjoyed it as we did. See you at the next Industry Days.



<a href=",a3141330">Ulrik Beste</a>

Ulrik Beste

CTO at VBN Components.
Ulrik is a person with broad practical know-how in combination with high theoretical education and large competences in project leading, materials science, tribology, automotive technology, metal atomisation, rock drilling and Additive Manufacturing (3D-printing).


VBN Components AB

VBN Components AB


Company profile

Our material, Your application, A new performance

Do you change your cutting tools too often? Are your components exposed to significant wear? Do you have an idea for a new design that would improve your component, too complex to machine? Read on...

VBN Components 3D prints extremely wear and heat resistant metal components with its patented Vibenite® materials, according to customer drawings. With Vibenite® new frames for performance of metal alloys have been created. They are the most wear resistant alloys you will ever find, 3D printed or not, with a hardness between 58-72 HRC, and an unexpected toughness due to very small, well-dispersed carbides. Details in near-net-shape are offered to customers who wish to reduce wear, who are in need of complex shapes or more efficient production. On top of it all environmental impact is reduced with around 90%.

VBN has created "The world's hardest steel" with a hardness of 72 HRC and is the only company world-wide offering actual components in 3D printed cemented carbide.

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