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Industry Days: Delivering value with your data in a socially distant world

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Day 27 May 2020  Download
Time 13:30 - 14:15 CEST
Type Web seminar
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This session has already taken place. However, please check in later if we already provide the session „on-demand“


Best practice for remote data science teams

In this session we will ask a panel representing all stakeholders in remote data science projects how to best set up, manage, and deliver data analytics projects with a remote team. In this age of social distancing, it is crucial for companies to still be able to deliver value with their data. Working with remote team members also allow access to the greatest talent pool, and thus greater value.

What are the considerations for companies wishing to work with remote teams? What do you need to think about technically to set up? How do you project manage your team and ensure timely and cost effective delivery of outcomes? How do you ensure hand over and transfer of know how?

This session will cover these questions and share best practice from over 100 remote data science projects delivered, and will also be relevant for running other forms of remote technical teams.

What will participants learn from your webinar?
  • How to set up, manage, and deliver technical/data science projects to time and budget in a fully remote environment, best practice for managing data science teams remotely.
Why should you watch/participate?
  • In this age of social distancing and an almost fully remote work force, business leaders need to know how to still progress with their data analytics efforts, and get the most out of their technical teams
Who is the target group of this webinar?
  • Business leaders who either already work with technical/data science teams, or would like to get started with data science projects. Audience does not have to be technical.
Is advance registration required?
  • You will be asked to give your full name and email adress when entering the session.

3 Professionals are joining

3 Professionals are joining




<a href=",a3143379">Jonathan Leslie</a>

Jonathan Leslie

Head of Data Science at Pivigo

Jon obtained his PhD in Biology from the University of London, studying blood vessel formation at the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute. After 20 years researching the molecular processes underlying cancer, he turned to data science and founded a freelance consultancy business. He is passionate about promoting open-source software and routinely volunteers as a mentor in the R-programming and data science communities.
<a href=",a3143421">Neri Van Otten</a>

Neri Van Otten

CEO at Spot Intelligence. Helping organisations extract information automatically from documents.
<a href=",a3144216">Abubakar Baba</a>

Abubakar Baba

Data Translator Office of the CEO, Sterling Bank PLC





Company profile

Pivigo is a data science marketplace and training provider based in London and Berlin. Pivigo accelerates innovation with data in organisations, by connecting them to a global community of freelance data scientists. Pivigo has delivered almost 250 projects to over 120 organisations in every industry and of every size, including PwC, AstraZeneca, Barclays, News UK, and M&S. Typical case studies include predictive maintenance, recommendation systems and customer segmentation, and price/route optimisation. Pivigo also runs Europe's largest data science training programme, Science to Data Science (S2DS), supporting the transitions of analytical PhD's and MSc's into data science roles.

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