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Industry Days: An Innovation Lab for Work, People and Technology

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Day 26 May 2020  Download
Time 12:00 - 12:30 CEST
Type Webinar
Location The session has already taken place. Please find below the record of the session.

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The Future Work Lab is Germany’s largest facility exploring the impact of Industrie 4.0 on industrial manufacturing. It offers a firsthand taste of the industry workplaces of the future and showcases more than 50 demonstrators, covering the full range of future industrial work environments. This keynote will give a brief overview over the Innovation lab.

What will participants learn from your webinar?
  • Digitalisation and the future of work are influenced by not only technology but also humans and organisation
  • There is a huge variety of solutions for any digitalisation problem.
  • To create workplaces of the future many challenges especially regarding the co-operation between technology and humans have to be overcome. Some might be very easy to solve, some more tricky.
  • The process needs to involve not only the engineers but also the workers on the shopfloor to get the expected result
Why should you watch/participate?
  • To get Ideas about the various possibilities of digitalising the production processes across the whole value chain
  • To start thinking about the positive but also challenging aspects of digitalisation
Who is the target group of this webinar?
  • A wide variety from blue collar workers to production engineers and managers. Anyone who is interested in the digitalisation of production and the future of work in production.
Is advance registration required?

11 Professionals are joining

11 Professionals are joining

Watch here our record of the session of 26 May 2020 at 12:00 - 12:30 CEST !

We hope you enjoyed it as we did. See you at the next Industry Days!



<a href=",a3143706">Tobias Eusterwiemann</a>

Tobias Eusterwiemann

Head of the Demonstrator World in the Future Work Lab & scientific employee in the department DigITools at Fraunhofer IPA


Fraunhofer IPA

Fraunhofer IPA


Company profile

Fraunhofer IPA – one of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft’s largest institutes – was founded in 1959 and employs almost 1000 workers. Our future and lead topics include the biointelligent value chain, digital transformation in the context of Industrie 4.0, energy storage systems, frugal manufacturing systems, artificial intelligence in automation, lightweight engineering and resource efficiency.

The focus of research and development work at Fraunhofer IPA is on organizational and technological issues related to the manufacturing industry. We develop, test and implement methods, components and devices right up to complete machines and production lines. Fraunhofer IPA’s 15 specialist departments cover the entire field of manufacturing engineering. They are coordinated by six business units and work on an interdisciplinary basis with industrial enterprises from the following sectors: automotive, machinery & equipment, electronics & microsystems, energy, medical engineering & biotechnology and the process industry.

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