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Day 8 Sep 2020  Download
Time 08:00 - 17:30 CEST
Type Conference
Location NH Hotel Munich-Dornach

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From 2020, 5G will be established as the new standard in mobile communications in Germany and many other countries. As the successor to 4G (LTE), the 5G network will revolutionize mobile communications. 5G technology is up to 100 times faster than LTE, enabling real-time data transmissions with wide area coverage, high reliability and low latency.

5G technology offers a new basis for the automation of production processes and serves as a basis for autonomous driving, where real-time data transmission is essential. With its network speed, 5G technology also offers an almost infinite number of possible applications.

To facilitate the development of such solutions for 5G users in our key industries is the goal of the 5G Conference, which is jointly organized and carried out by the trade journal ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS and 5G Haus Atlantik Elektronik. This conference provides the necessary knowledge from processor and antenna technology to exemplary solution approaches to make the first 5G project of the participants a success.

The 5G Conference offers an ideal opportunity to talk to 5G experts, meet leading 5G component manufacturers, build your own 5G network and learn about the offerings of the many different providers. The target audience is developers, technical managers and industrial users from all industries who have recognized the potential of 5G and want to develop fast working solutions.

The 5G Conference is intended to inform, encourage networking and show possible solutions. The complete breadth of the 5G standard for all networked things will be illuminated.

Among other things, the event deals with technological development, legal framework conditions, data and system security, interoperability of networks and systems, and new business models. Top-class speakers will provide insights into current developments and answer questions.

The following main topics are planned for the 5G Conference:
  • 5G Solutions
  • 5G for IIot
  • 5G Network Deployment
  • Components for 5G
  • Edge Computing & AI
  • 5G Antenna Design
  • 5G Measuring & Testing
  • Cloud & Remote Management
  • 5G Business Models

Participation fee:
  • Standard price: 250,00€ (plus VAT)
  • Student price: 99,00€ (plus VAT)

08.00 Registration

09.00 Welcome

09.05 Atlantik 5G house - Complete Service around the world of 5G
Dominik Bohn | Atlantik Elektronik

09.20 Keynote: Future of 5G
Hamid-Reza Nazeman | Qualcomm Communications

10.00 Coffee break and exhibition

10.40 5G & Campus networks
Thomas Pöggel | Telekom Deutschland

11.10 5G Evolution of IoT application
Dominikus Hierl | Quectel Wireless Solutions Co., Ltd.

11.40 Edge Computing & Artificial Intelligence
Jerry Yang | Thundercomm Technology

12.10 Coffee break and exhibition

13.10 5G Antenna Design
Christian Cielinski | Panorama Antennas

13.40 The beauty of 5G for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
Jörg Köpp | Rohde & Schwarz

14.30 Interaction of smart sensor technology, artificial intelligence and 5G Communication technology for the generation of digital twins in road traffic
Gereon Hinz | STTech GmbH

14.50 Coffee break and exhibition

15.30 5G Applications and the path to market approval
Martin Albrink | 7layers

16.00 Connectivity, tariff platform, coverage
Oliver Utesch | 1NCE

16.30 Conclusion / Summary
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Alois Knoll | TU München

16.45 Exhibition and After Work Refreshment

17.30 End of event

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Dominik Bohn


Hamid-Reza Nazeman


Thomas Pöggel


Dominikus Hierl


Jerry Yang


Christian Cielinski


Jörg Köpp


Gereon Hinz


Martin Albrink


Oliver Utesch


Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Alois Knoll



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