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Attending trade shows and meeting in person have always been a natural part of daily business for many of us. As personal conversations are becoming difficult, we are required to rethink communication and find additional ways to keep our partners close.

With solutions for virtual meetings and conferences, streaming international and local live events and a profound toolkit for matchmaking and networking, we want to help you keep conversations going.

Our goal is to provide fast solutions to current commu­nication challenges, and we will continue adding new features and content at high frequency. Help this network grow by joining today for free!


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Event High­lights

  1. CEST (UTC+2)

    Future Fair Symposium

    NEYROO – BBO Service UG NEYROO – BBO Service UG

  2. CEST (UTC+2)

    Web Seminar: Vapor Sorption and Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs)

    Micromeritics GmbH Micromeritics GmbH

  3. CEST (UTC+2)

    #Hannover Messe - DIGITAL DAYS

    Deutsche Messe, Hannover Deutsche Messe, Hannover

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Latest Platform Features

Indus­trial Genera­tion Net­work is a work in progress platform. It is our philosophy to move fast and add new features at high frequency. Here is what’s new:

  1. Did you miss THE FUTURE CODE 2020? No problem, you can watch the on-demand videos of each session here.
  2. Would you like an individual boost in our weekly newsletter or on the homepage? Please contact us!
  3. Advertise your own event/web seminar! Feel free to contact us for tech organization:
  4. Looking for exciting web seminars? Find all events and upcoming activities of our network here
  5. As a company, you can add e.g. documents, links and relevant input easily on your activity page
  6. Did you know that you can edit your offers and requests within your professional area?
  7. As a company, you can invite your professionals within your company area. As soon as the invitation is confirmed, the invited professional is automatically linked to your company entry
  8. Have you tried the matchmaking tool in your professional area? Based on your saved categories, you will receive recommendations of companies and professionals who offer products and services from these categories
  9. Our leadership team is invited to the Decoded web seminar to talk about how businesses adapt to the corona crisis by launching new business models. Join Doris Beckmann and Matthias Brandstätter on Thursday, 30 Apr live
  10. Share any content via Facebook, Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn, AddThis or email form
  11. Industry Days 2020: Submit your content and join our monthly online event with live conference sessions, top keynotes and interviews
  12. Upload relevant video content through your company area and connect it with the matching topics
  13. Bookmarks: Did you find interesting content? Save it to your book­marks to easily revisit it and add your personal notes
  14. Home fair live Web Seminar: On 31th March (02:00 pm) and 1st April (10:00 am) PR!ZM will be talking LIVE about their Home Fair solution
  15. Topic-Channels: Find professionals, companies and news directly by jumping from Home into your relevant topic channel
  16. Choose your meeting tool: schedule a virtual meeting and pick from Hangout, Zoom, Skype, etc. to state
  17. First Live Event: We held our first virtual panel discussion for A·lounge (powered by Atreus)
  18. Recommendations: suggest interesting activities to colleagues, clients and partners
  19. Add employees as company representatives: link professionals and corporations to highlight official representatives
  20. Direct contact options: send direct messages and meeting requests to matching professionals